What Are Foot Orthotics?

Arch supports, insoles, footbeds, sock liners, inserts, foot cushions, heel liners are NOT foot orthotics. Any device sold over the counter in a retail store is considered an accommodative insole and does not offer functional correction. Orthotics should be foot type-specific and address the biomechanical characteristics of not only the rear and midfoot but the forefoot also! Orthotics change the way the foot interacts with the ground so that there is less need to compensate for abnormal movement patterns. To be effective, foot orthotics need to be made of a material that will hold up bodyweight plus activity in order to resolve musculoskeletal injury patterns.

A custom orthotics evaluation involves observing the kinetic chain, studying the anatomical features of the foot, and then creating a molded cast of the foot to create a custom foot orthotic. Gait analysis should be performed to determine foot type, stress patterns, and susceptibility to musculoskeletal injuries. Not all orthotics are created equal especially when it comes to evaluation techniques, casting, biomechanical analysis, and fabrication.

Sole Remedy offers complete custom foot orthotic services, including biomechanical analysis, casting, and video gait analysis.  We provide custom foot orthotics to correct and restore proper function and alignment of bones joints,  limbs, and torso.

Our comprehensive custom foot orthotic services include:

A. Completely customized orthotics for optimal fit and results.
B. Corrective prefabricated orthotics.
C. Well-priced off-the-shelf products.
D. Complete refurbishing services.

Sole Remedy specializes in gait analysis, foot type assessment, musculoskeletal injury management and fall prevention.
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