Foot Type

Foot types are inherited.  Our feet have specific arch heights, callus patterns, angles of gait, and compensation patterns which can be noted by observing gait. There are many unique characteristics of our foot type that can be understood through scientific evaluation and gait analysis. Feet change as we get older and navigate through life. It is important to protect them from changes that can occur from childbearing, weight fluctuations, ergonomic stresses, occupational requirements, as well as athletic, recreational, health, and lifestyle choices.

Foot type is determined through careful examination when non-weight bearing, weight-bearing, and dynamic assessments. Observing the foot in motion helps us identify the unique characteristics of each foot type and how it affects the rest of the body when it moves.  At Sole Remedy, all patients are evaluated in both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing positions to understand how the body's kinetic chain functions during activity. If you have foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip, or back pain, we can help!

Sole Remedy specializes in gait analysis, foot type assessment, musculoskeletal injury management, and fall prevention.
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