Hard to Fit Shoes, Custom Shoes & Shoe Modifications

Have challenging feet or difficulty finding shoes to fit? Sole Remedy can help with footwear to accommodate any size, width, and shape. We can provide shoes that are specially designed for hard-to-fit foot conditions such as lymphedema or boney deformities such as Charcot foot, bunions, crossover/overlapping toes, or hammertoes. We have extra depth shoes to accommodate foot orthotics, custom diabetic inserts, and or braces such as AFO's for both kids and adults. Shoes are available in various closures for ease of fit, adjustability, and lasted according to Charcot, bunion, and toe deformities.

Have a limb length discrepancy? Shoe modifications such as extrinsic heel to sole lifts can be added to a shoe to correct the limb length discrepancy. Additional shoe modifications include:

Forefoot Rocker
Mild Rocker
Heel-to-Toe Rocker
Severe Angle Rocker
Double Rocker
Rocker Bar
Negative Heel Rocker

LOP Rocker
3/4 Steel Shank
Full-Length Steel Shank
Detached Sole
Lateral Sole Flare
Lateral Buttress
Medial Buttress

Medial Sole Wedge
Full Sole Elevation
Heel Flare
Full Flare
Heel Wedge
Full Wedge

Toe Skaters
Bevel Heel
Snug Heel
Composite Toe Box
Reinforce Heel Counter
Lateral Sole Wedge
Medial Sole Flare

Sole Remedy also has the ultimate solution for those patients who cannot fit with off-the-shelf shoe selections.  For severe deformities, custom shoes can be fabricated using some of the best materials and artistry in the industry.

Sole Remedy specializes in gait analysis, foot type assessment, musculoskeletal injury management, and fall prevention.
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