Special Considerations for Kids

Parents often have the misconception that kids will "outgrow" flat feet or foot pain. Complaints of foot pain or other body aches are NOT normal for kids.

Children typically have flat feet as infants and begin to develop an arch during the early years of weight-bearing (age 1-4).

Between the ages of 4-6, children should be developing an arch. A commonly misdiagnosed condition in children is called "flexible flat feet" or pes planus. The arch looks "normal" during non-weight bearing but collapses or flattens when standing (static assessment).

By the age of 7-8, most children have developed enough physically to have their foot classified under one of the adult foot types.

The notion that kids will outgrow flat feet is NOT TRUE and it is recommended that parents have their children's feet evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist, podiatrist, pedorthist, or health care professional that specializes in sports injuries and or gait abnormalities to address any potential concerns as early as age 4.

Signs that children with flexible flat feet are struggling are: fatigue quickly, experience pain during or after activity, and have difficulty with running, jumping, and/or balance on uneven surfaces. Shoe breakdown will occur quickly and is often noted by observing an inward slant or flattening of the heel and arch.


Young Adolescent

Young Adult

Every step we take throughout our life has a cumulative effect on our bodies via the kinetic chain. Every part of our body is truly connected to another and as a result, when the foot hits the ground it affects everything above it. Misdiagnosing "flexible flat feet" or pes planus can have devastating consequences as children age.

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