Corrective Prefabricated Orthotics

Sole Remedy Foot Care offers corrective prefabricated foot orthotics designed from custom orthotic correction. They are the only prefabricated orthotic that is based on foot type.

The key to treating body aches and pain starts with the appropriate orthotic device. Many retail store-bought foot orthotics fail to resolve symptoms because they are not foot type-specific and they are not made of the material that will withstand body weight and physical activity.

Sole Remedy Foot Care uses corrective prefabricated orthotics that are foot type-specific rather than the one-type-fits-all that you find in the stores. In other words, retail bought products treat all feet the same regardless of whether you have a high arched foot or a flat foot.

Sole Remedy provides quality foot care products to treat an extensive array of injuries that often result from poor mechanics not only in the lower extremity but the upper body as well.  Treatment is based on the characteristics of each individual’s foot type and not on “the one shape fits all” orthotics found in retail stores.

Sole Remedy is a provider of both corrective off-the-shelf and custom foot orthotics with affordable options for care to meet all economic needs.

Sole Remedy specializes in gait analysis, foot type assessment, musculoskeletal injury management, and fall prevention.
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