Posterior Tibial Tendonitis & Dysfunction Treatment

Posterior tibial tendonitis occurs when the tendon that connects the muscle to your bone is overused or strained. Years of over-pronation (flat feet) can lead to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. The mechanics of how your feet hit the ground (you inherit your foot type) are the reason you acquire flat feet and develop posterior tibial dysfunction.
Every step you take has a cumulative effect of wear and tear.

Unsupported flat feet can cause overuse of the posterior tibial tendon and muscle causing damage to the tendon that builds up and tendonitis develops. At first, the pain or swelling may come and go quickly, but eventually, the problem may become more permanent and produce a condition called "Adult Acquired Pes Planus".

If the posterior tibial tendon fails the arch will collapse. This often requires surgical intervention with an extensive recovery lasting several months. Remember that even if reconstructive surgery is performed to correct a posterior tibial dysfunction, custom foot orthotics are recommended to protect the foot and ankle from the biomechanical and kinematic stresses that caused the problem in the first place.

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