Ankle Foot Orthosis

In addition to custom and foot type-specific foot orthotics and diabetic footwear, Sole Remedy Foot Care also provides Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO's) for patients who have severely flat feet, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle, drop foot, lower extremity weakness or instability, chronic achilles tendinitis, Charcot foot arthropathy, to name a few.

Patients who have had falls or a history of near falls may benefit from the Arizona Balance Brace. The Arizona Balance Brace provides stability to the foot and ankle allowing patients to ambulate and exercise with more confidence.   The Arizona Balance Brace fits easily inside a shoe and has been the most complied with AFO by patients because it is lightweight, low profile, custom-fitted, and is comfortable to wear.  These devices are PDAC approved and Medicare and other private payers have historically covered them.

Sole Remedy would be happy to help you with all of your bracing needs. A prescription from your treating physician is required before care can be provided. Make sure your physician has documented in your office notes the reason he/she is prescribing the brace for you and that it is medically necessary.

Sole Remedy is an accredited pedorthic facility and provider of ankle-foot orthoses, foot orthotics and properly fitting footwear for patients of all ages.

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Sole Remedy specializes in gait analysis, foot type assessment, musculoskeletal injury management, and fall prevention.
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