Tips for Proper Shoe Fit

Finding shoes that fit properly and are comfortable are some of the biggest challenges individuals with bunions face. Poorly-fitting shoes are a common cause of bunions and can exacerbate an existing bunion. Bunion pain can be managed successfully by switching to shoes that fit properly and do not compress the toes. It is important to be sure that your shoes fit correctly. Make sure the shape of the shoe closely matches the shape of your foot. Avoid shoes that are too short, tight, or sharply pointed and those with heels higher than a couple of inches. Higher-heeled shoes put more pressure on the forefoot and increase the likelihood of foot problems or injury. Some shoes can be modified by using a stretcher to stretch out the areas that put pressure on your toes.

Tips to help you choose a shoe that fits correctly

  • Do not select shoes by the size marked inside the shoe. Sizes vary among shoe brands and styles. Judge the shoe by how it fits on your foot.
  • Select a shoe that conforms as nearly as possible to the shape of your foot.
  • Have your feet measured regularly. The size of your feet changes as you grow older.
  • Have both feet measured. Most people have one foot larger than the other. Fit to the largest foot.
  • Fit at the end of the day when your feet are the largest.
  • Stand during the fitting process and check that there is adequate space (3/8" to 1/2") for your longest toe at the end of the shoe.
  • Make sure the ball of your foot is aligned with the widest part of the shoe.
  • Do not purchase shoes that feel too tight, expecting them to "stretch" to fit. Know your materials! Man-made uppers are not real leather so it WILL NOT STRETCH!
  • Man-made uppers may also keep your feet hot because the material is not breathable.
  • Your heel should fit comfortably in the shoe. You can expect some slippage in the heel when the shoe is new and stiff but should go away once the shoe is broken in.
  • Walk in the shoe to make sure it fits and feels right.

Sole Remedy can help you find the proper make, model, and style of shoe best suited for your foot type. Schedule an appointment today to have your feet measured and to learn about shoe construction and what to look for when buying shoes.




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