The topic of "Fall Prevention" can be a difficult conversation to have with loved ones yet a critical one to address.  Physical changes to the body along with mounting medical conditions and even medications can increase the risk of falling. Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults and can cause life-changing events to occur. A fall cannot only cause injury but can cause life-changing events to occur such as the need to rely on others for care or the sudden inability to live life independently.

Balance can be defined as control of the body’s center of mass (CoM) over its base of support in order to achieve postural equilibrium and orientation. Balance control requires active brain processes that integrate information from all levels of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, not only while moving (dynamic balance) but also while standing still (static balance).

Our goal at Sole Remedy is to help keep you safe in your environment as well as help give you the confidence to keep moving and stay active. We can help with improving balance and stability with devices that are designed to improve ankle foot and ankle stability.

 Sole Remedy is an accredited Pedorthic facility and ankle-foot orthoses, foot orthotics and proper fitting footwear to patients.  We can help with fall prevention! Call today for an appointment!

Sole Remedy specializes gait analysis, foot type assessment, and musculoskeletal injury care and prevention. Call 508-295-8800 or 855-FOOT RX 9 to schedule an appointment today!